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Your clients need the best care. You need strong medical records that prove your clients injuries. Let Gibraltar’s accident doctors deliver a clear win-win.

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As a personal injury attorney, your job is to build the strongest case for your client. But you can’t build a winning case if your client doesn’t receive the best medical care. Some injuries are only noticeable through a doctor’s examination, and timely care is essential to your case. The sooner your client gets care, the better.

At Gibraltar, we’ve helped thousands of Houstonians recover from their injuries. Along the way, we’ve cultivated strong relationships with attorneys who provide legal support for our patients. You know what it takes to build a strong case. We know how to properly document and provide accident care. With Gibraltar handling your clients’ recovery, we can get them back on their feet quickly–and save you a tremendous amount of frustration tracking down records from numerous providers. With Gibraltar you have only one number to call for all your client records.

What does it look like to work with Gibraltar? Our patients get referrals to attorneys who have their best interest at heart. Our clinics get to serve more patients in the Houston metro. And your law office gains an experienced partner who provides the expertise, and documentation, that you need to win your case. The result? A clear win for everyone.

Get the Right Documentation
Our team knows what documentation is required to build a winning case. When you send your clients to Gibraltar, you can rest assured that you’ll get fully compliant medical reports, every time.

Receive Quality Referrals
Our patients trust us to have their best interests at heart. When we make a referral, you gain a quality client who values your expertise.

Eliminate Administrative Tasks
Partner with the medical group that gets it right the first time. Our billing support and thorough documentation let you focus on what you do best: building a strong case.

Gain a Reliable Partner
At Gibraltar, we’re relationship builders with a passion for supporting the Houston metro and surrounding areas. We value your partnership and your patient referrals. What does that mean for you? We do everything we can to help your client recover and your case to succeed.

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