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After a Semi Truck Collision

When you’re involved in a collision with a commercial vehicle, the impact can be devastating. We’re here to give you the support you need, when you need it most.

Getting Medical Care After a Semi Truck Accident

Each year, commercial trucks cause more than 500,000 accidents on America’s roadways. Given the sheer size of commercial trucks, these collisions often cause serious injury. If you get into an accident with a semi truck or other commercial vehicle, call our medical team now.

Collisions with commercial trucks can cause serious, and even fatal, injuries. No matter the severity of your injury, it’s critical to seek medical care. In many cases, it could take days for you to notice the symptoms of an injury–precious time that could cause your condition to get worse. Gibraltar’s accident recovery specialists can help you diagnose your true injuries quickly so that you can prevent them from becoming more serious. Even if you only feel slight pain after your accident, it’s in your best interest to seek medical care.

Gibraltar’s medical teams have spent decades treating victims of commercial vehicle accidents. We use the latest and greatest therapies to help our patients heal. But we also listen–because no two people, or injuries, are alike. By combining best practices with personalized plans, we prioritize your health above all else.

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With Houston greater metro regional clinics and imaging centers, Gibraltar is ready to serve patients across the Houston metro. Our multidisciplinary teams work together to craft, and implement, personalized treatment plans so that you can get back to good health faster. Maybe you have one of the common commercial auto accident injuries below. Or maybe you simply aren’t sure how your crash has impacted your health. Either way, we’re here to help. Contact us now to get the compassionate care you deserve.

Neck, back and spine injuries

In many commercial auto accidents, patients experience whiplash, which can cause serious injury to the neck. Other common injuries include herniated disks and damage to the spinal cord. Gibraltar’s chiropractors help patients treat a wide range of injuries related to the back and spine. If you’re feeling pain in your back, spine or neck, seek immediate care from our Board Certified chiropractors.

Head injuries

When you’ve gotten into a semi truck crash, head injuries can take days to fully develop. If you’re experiencing a headache, blurred vision or nausea after your accident, call us now to get medical care. These are all common symptoms of a more serious head injury.

Broken bones

When you’re in a commercial auto accident, it can put a tremendous amount of force on your bones. When that force is more than your bones can withstand, a break occurs. Broken bones require immediate care. Depending on their severity and location, they can also require extended rehabilitation. Gibraltar is equipped to provide both immediate treatment and long-term recovery.

Knee injuries

One of the most common injuries among auto accident victims, knee trauma often results when you hit the dashboard upon impact. These injuries can be extremely painful, and typically require rehabilitation because of your knee’s role in movement and mobility. Whether you need knee surgery, braces and/or physical therapy, Gibraltar is here to help you get back to good health.

Soft tissue injuries

When you’re in a commercial auto accident, the impact often causes your body to move suddenly and unnaturally. The soft tissues around your bones are typically the first parts of your body to become injured–and one of the most difficult injuries to document for the courts. This makes it crucial to seek care from a soft tissue specialist.

One of the most common soft tissue injuries in auto accidents is whiplash. However, you could also experience strains, sprains, bruising and other injuries that impact your muscles, ligaments and tendons. From muscle taping to bracing, Gibraltar’s team can help you heal your soft tissue injuries. Every step of the way, we’ll document your condition clearly so that you’re in a strong position for your settlement.

Pain management

Our specialists work closely with patients to develop tailored pain management plans. Our interdisciplinary approach ensures that you have the best quality of life as you’re recovering from your semi truck accident.

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