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Gibraltar’s doctors have helped thousands of Houstonians get on the path to recovery. Along the way, we work closely with attorneys and other professionals who support our personal injury patients. Whether you’ve been involved in an auto accident, workplace injury or a slip and fall.

For Individuals

If you’ve had a car accident or workplace injury, we’re here to help. Learn more about our Houston medical clinics, which specialize in personal injuries, and explore how we can help you recover and thrive.

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For Law Offices

Our professional care team works closely with law offices to provide crucial patient data for personal injury and worker’s compensation care to better manage your case.
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For Medical Clinics

With multiple locations across the Houston metro and surrounding areas, Gibraltar is the home to the region’s leading Chiropractors, MDs, Orthopedic Doctors, Neurologists and beyond. Learn more about joining our leading medical network.
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Helping Houstonians on the Path to Recovery

Gibraltar’s medical clinics are home to Houston’s most qualified accident doctors. In addition to providing the best quality care, we’re also committed to keeping you informed about what to do when an accident occurs. Read our guides below, and reach out to us for help.

Auto Accidents

In 2019, a car crash occurred in Texas every 56 seconds. Explore our resources for auto accidents, and reach out to us now for medical care.

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Commercial Auto Accidents

Gibraltar offers comprehensive care for patients involved in commercial auto accidents. Read about our services and connect with us to receive care.

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Workers’ Compensation

If you’re the victim of a workplace injury, the actions you take now are critical to your recovery. The comprehensive medical services that Gibraltar offers their patients are as solid as a rock.

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Slip and Fall

Every year, premise liability injuries cause more than 8 million emergency room visits. Read our guide on slip and fall accidents, including the medical services offered at our clinics.

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Our Medical Network

Learn more about Gibraltar’s Houston clinics for accident recovery.

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Learn more about the personal injury lawyers in the Gibraltar network.

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Our Story

Like the legendary location that inspired our name, Gibraltar has strength in its DNA. Our team leverages decades of expertise and a robust support network to provide unwavering, best-in-class care for every victim of personal injury.

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